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Khepri Scarab | Design by Elena Salmistraro

Design Salmistraro Scarabeo

The ancient Egyptians regarded the scarab as a symbol of eternal rebirth, able to transfigure on earth, promising only happy events.

Design Salmistraro Scarabeo

Noble traveler who advances in the name of the sun dragging the eternal ball of dung it ideally transforms into a new life, the scarab is the symbol of the man’s constant evolution, through the free soul’s reincarnations. Today the scarab enters our homes as a ceramic container, intended as a protection for what we most loved, or merely as a sophisticated item whose added value consists in the spiritual component other past cultures attributed to it as well as the symbolic and ritual elements that reinforce its evocative value. The item, made of white earth (casting / mold), is decorated with matte/ glossy enamels combined to create a lovely visual contrast. The carapace takes contemporary artistic semblance through the 3D texture use along with light/dark effects that exalt the three-dimensional surface. Precious metals embellish the container as 2D textures as well.

Design Salmistraro Scarabeo

Items designed for the exhibition: ANIMAlità organized and supervised by Silvana Annicchiarico, Triennale Design Museum, in cooperation with Bosa.

Photo by Tom Vack

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